REAL Chapter 2 verse 13: “13) Why did Satan and his Fallen Angels rebel in Heaven? Because they wanted a religion where one’s conscience didn’t have to be troubled and challenged with the complexity of real world life, they wanted simple, easy to understand and easy to follow rules and regulations designed to hopefully isolate their own consciences from Nazi Guard tests found in real world decision making, combined with force and coercion and violence and retributive punishment under a “just recompense” system of “justice” without freedom and without love. Whereas the FIRST Adam, the FIRSTBORN of the Spiritual Creation, and his loyal UNfallen Angels, championed spirituality governed by the Nazi Guard test, no rules and regulations (apart from the law of Sacrificial Love), no force, no coercion, no violence, no retributive punishishment under a “just recompense” system of alleged “justice,” never resisting evil with evil, overcoming evil only with good, and advocating only freedom with unconditional Sacrificial Love.”


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