Biological age is the CORRECT most accurate way to measure a body’s age and functionality. Even though chronologically I’m 55 going on 56, I always am consistently measured at ages 28-32 range on various biological age tests I’ve taken and, if anything, that number has been DROPPING further for me. That’s why my body, in all its naked thick deep dark brown hair glory, looks like it’s 28-32 and not almost 56 and why I’m by far the strongest and probably also the fastest member of my gym at any age. Chronological age means nothing. There are 20 year old drug addicts that have bodies that are really 60 year olds. Then there are 55 year old health nuts like me with bodies that are really 28-32. And I’m determined to push that down to 20 so that when I’m 120 my biological age will still be only 30. I’m dead serious. Those that don’t believe me, you didn’t believe me in the past, but now you know you were wrong, right, according to your own lying eyes, ha ha.


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