I know have five (5) books selling on Amazon, 10 if you count the fact that each paperback has it’s Kindle eBook companion. Two of the books are religious books, and it’s really the first and second editions of the same book, although I’ve modified the title of the book even in the new second edition. The other 3 books are business books written in the area of one of my several expertises, sales and marketing and promotions. Those books are all finished and selling even though I haven’t officially announced the 3 business books yet. That’s because I’m working on my 4th book, Pied Piper Principles, a 5 hour 50 minute audio training originally that, in years past, I’ve sold to people around the world for $49.97. I first converted the MP3 audio file into a MP4 video file and uploaded it to YouTube cuz Yourube transcribes all their videos free. I’m now working with the 80-90% accurate YouTube transcription and manually am editing it to 100% quality. When I’m done, another paperback book and eBook will pop out on Amazon! To see all my books, just go to Amazon.com and search on “John Carson Lester Jr” without the quotes.


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