Lyn Lyn, my 22 year old beautiful girlfriend and soon to be new wife, knows better than anyone the truth behind my claim and the claim of Japanese medical testing equipment that pegs my true age, my biological age, to be around the late 20s to early 30s. But last night I showed Lyn Lyn my hands, focused her attention on my hands. I have the hands of an 18-25 year old man. Smooth, no wrinkles, healthy, strong, totally fresh looking. I could see it in her eyes as she began to really realize how very young my body is. She exclaimed in wonder as she closely examined my hands and said, quietly, “how is it possible?” Well, my dear, it’s possible by being a lifelong vegetarian who has eaten very little meat in my adult life. It’s possible by having eaten very little processed food in my life. It’s possible by not drinking hardly any soda or pop or soft drinks in my life. It’s possible by eating very little cooked food in my life as almost all that I have consumed as an adult is raw organic REAL food. It’s possible by fasting quite a bit in my life, something that rejuvenates the body. It’s possible by having been an exercise fanatic since the age of 13. And it’s possible by having great genes bestowed upon me by the maker of our bodies. And it’s possible by the Grace of God. Amen. PS For me, living to 280+ is not a fantasy, it’s my unfolding reality. The whole world is entering a new phase of greatly extended longetivity and I’m going to be one of, if not THE, oldest persons still healthy enough to catch that train . :)


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