I found a Shopping app called Theme Switcher. It’s going to allow me to consolidate the three websites into one site again. It was developed in Vietnam which is a hotbed of mostly quality app development today. I also found an affiliate app that is the perfect fit for what I want to accomplish. It’s a Canadian app called Rbux. rBux uniquely combines the best of affiliate marketing, loyalty/rewards programs and MLM. On the MLM side, the app is designed to pay commissions to up to 13 people in a geneaolgical line and NOTIFY up to 13 people in a geneaolgical line that they’ve earned commissions every time someone buys something. Combined with our already installed Australian app called Lay-Buys which allows people, without any credit checks, to set up to 12-month payment plans thru PayPal, I’m about to unleash a really powerful new sales movement upon the world in terms of leads, donations, books/eBooks and much, much more (the Theme Switcher and Rbux combo might cause me to bring things back like drop shipping if I can find a drop shipper who I think provides a super high quality service—one of the things I love about selling our books is that the customer service all goes thru Amazon which is world class customer service. I take a long time to build things but when I finally release, shit runs right. Or I just won’t do it. :)


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