So now there’s only 1 Shopify store, currently featuring the THEME associated with When you land on, you’ll see in the upper left hand corner a TOOLS WHEEL COG of sorts that let’s you TOGGLE switch between 3 different THEMES and domains, currently, the initial but also PUREHEARTSINTERNATIONAL.COM (the social entpreneurship site where we feed and clothe poor Filipino kids, mostly from Plaza Park here in Bacolod) AND our still developing religious site There’s gong to be MORE THEMES added/developed soon, particularly to display the 7 new BOOKS I’ve recently authored/published on AMAZON and the INITIAL LANDING PAGE is probably going to be switched from the leads page to a BOOKS-oriented theme and that will probably be the domain to highlight the one and only religious book that I’ve written, Volume 1 only, second edition, thus far. PS I’ve also found a Shopify app that will automatically ROTATE my different domain-associated THEMES according to schedules I set in advance. If the app is cable of it, I plan to switch themes every 24 hours so that, for example, if we have seven themes, it will switch themes every day and in 7 days it will have displayed all 7 themes for 24 hours each and I’m hoping that the app will then repeat that process indefinitely on an infinite loop ad infinitum. And, of course, the TOOLS TOGGLE WHEEL thingy from the other app will always be in the left hand corner where people can toggle thru all 7 or whatever themes/domains as they like.


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