On Monday December 24, Christmas Eve Day, my new wife Lyn Lyn and I traveled to her hometown of Guihulngan City in the adjoining province of Negros Oriental. This area is the most technology free area that I have ever been to in the Philippines. There is no electricity in this area and you bathe and do your bathroom activities in the wild outdoors pretty much like a wild animal. The trails were so skinny starting from tens of kilometers away that the last two legs of the trip with motorized vehicles had to be accomplished by motorcycles. Then the last several kilometers we had to literally hike down and hike up SEVERAL small mountains. Let me tell you, for a “small” Gorilla like ME it was great exercise. Google “gorillas climb mountains” and you will discover gorillas do NOT climb moutains and stay close to and hug the GROUND because of their great weight. With a body composition that is now 49% skeletal muscle and well over 100+ lbs of skeletal muscle at times it was not easy for me to drag my heavy weight up and down the mountains but I did. I’m not quite the size of a gorilla but it’s getting close. I told Lyn Lyn that small chimpanzees like her are more cut out for moving their tiny weights up and down thru these mountains. The parts that were hardest for me were the super steep ascents where you almost needed to be a Rocky Mountain Goat to go up. My enormous muscle mass put huge oxygen demands on my heart to drag that mass up. Fortunately I am in great cardiovascular condition with perfect blood pressure so I still did okay but I’d sometimes need to rest 2-3 minutes after the steep climbs. Lyn Lyn needed to rest 20-30 minutes oftentimes apparently because of the heat. The heat had little effect on me but it bothered her a great deal. These are some pics of where we first started to go down the first mountain and then near the end is where we first started approaching her parent’s house. The whole area is mostly filled up with Lyn Lyn’s relatives, many of whom I met and enjoyed meeting. The most amazing thing of all is that, despite no electricity, they had a pretty strong 4G signal that was stronger and stronger the higher you went. After showering our last day in a nearby water hole I picked up my cellphone and made a crystal clear Skype phone call to my mother on the other side of the world. I told Lyn Lyn we need two things there. A motorized hang glider that takes off fast almost like a helicopter and about a half a million peso solar panel array yo supply electricity to her parents house and a house Lyn Lyn and I may build there someday. We’re planning on it already. We would only visit occasionally but enough times per year to make it worthwhile.


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