As pics from last year clearly attested, when I had bulked up from my low of about 159 lbs after my year long focus on cardio to the 180 to 195 area once I started bulking, I was pretty ripped, even getting my body fat down to 10.1% lowest measurement back in July/August. But when I bulked to 210+, my body fat swelled to 15%. Now 15% is still low for a guy, fitness level and not too far from athlete level according to the charts. And my head trainer at my gym says he is at 16-17% body fat. So it’s still good. But I’m now well into the process of getting my body fat back into single digits with my new workout approach of working the whole body with one set per body part to failure, sometimes high volume, sometimes heavy. And here’s the amazing thing. As this body transformation is going on right now, I am maintaining or even slightly gaining my weight around the 210 lb level. My veins are starting to pop out everywhere again at 210 lbs as my body fat percentage shrinks again! #RippedBeastMode


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