Let me try to express myself as CLEARLY as possible. I’m a Muslim. A true Muslim. Because I’ve read the Quran and understand it better than anyone who has ever lived. I’m also a Christian that understands the Bible better than any one who has ever lived (other than Jesus). And I am here today to tell MUSLIMS who think it is “Haram” to celebrate the New Year holiday that you are TOTAL FUCKING IDIOTS who know LESS THAN NOTHING about God/Allah or their own religion. You are NOT practicing Islam. You’re practicing a man-made religion concocted by idiot “scholars” who MAKE IT UP according to THEIR OWN WILL as they go. And, although you don’t know it, Muhammad (pbuh) predicted in the hadiths that because of people like YOU, YOU are DESTROYING your tainted version of “Islam” before our very eyes. Thank God! :)


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