I do NOT CARE what you CALL yourself, Christian, Muslim or Jew. The FACT IS that, if you call for the shedding of ANY blood for ANY reason, including for crimes or for war, you are a SATANIST. And that’s why I identify many alleged “Christians, Muslims and Jews” and many other religionists as Satanists when they call for or support, in any way, shape or form, the shedding of blood. The sad truth of the matter is that here on Hell Earth, the MAJORITY of the human population are Satanists. If you claim to be a Christian and support a military, ANY military, you are actually a SATANIST opposed to the clear and simple non-violent COMMANDS of Jesus the Christ. If you claim to be a Muslim and you support violent Jihad, you are not really a Muslim, you are a SATANIST. You shall know them by their fruits (works)! Not by their FALSE self-identifications. The End.


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