Most people do NOT understand that it was NOT the True God, the True Metaphorical Father of Jesus, that required the blood of Jesus for forgiveness for ANYTHING, much less SIN! It was the IMPOSTER, Jehovah the SATAN, who the True God gave TOTAL POWER OVER HELL EARTH as part of a settlement after the Revelation 12:7-9 War In Heaven, who REQUIRED blood for the remission of sins. The True God required Jesus to pay *Jehovah the SATAN’S price* for what SATAN called “sin” throughout the Old Testament Bible. And Jesus did and the moment he did the True God stripped Jehovah the SATAN of his previous official Lordshop over the Earth following the Cross. But the True God, the REAL Metaphorical Father of Jesus, never has anything to do with BLOOD or DEATH *Himself.* And neither does He define sin the way that Jehovah the SATAN does in the Old Testament Bible. He defines sin in the way Jesus taught us in the Gospels, which is an opposite and totally different set of principles than what’s found in Jehovah the SATAN’S OT Bible “teachings.” Most of the world is still deceived by and following and literally worshipping Jehovah the SATAN and his violent ways. That’s why the world is still so screwed up. Stop. Wake up!


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